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Everyone is a public speaker. As soon as you’re speaking in front of one or more people, you’re doing it.

With the explosion of all things digital and virtual, there’s never been a better time to be a public speaker. IMHO, it will be the last remaining thing AI can’t do better than us! Human connection is and always will be innately human.

People who pitch are different, though.

People who pitch are financially rewarded when their public speaking efforts are successful. People who pitch approach the art and science of public speaking more methodically and with rigor. People who pitch are continuously working on their technique, rehearsing, and taking action based on results.

In my experience, there's nothing more rewarding than winning a pitch, and getting that elusive YES from your audience. That's why I built Winning The Room. It’s been the inspiration for my book, my executive coaching series, and this wonderful learning community.

Inside Winning The Room, we're a bunch of pitchers training in tandem. Not only does Winning The Room encourage you to move faster and rehearse the hell out of your material, but you also get the benefit of learning from the results of others.

If you’re serious about pitching, Winning The Room was made for you.

Designed to be small.

Our one-on-one coaching program is designed to be small (and stay small).

JP has coached large teams at some of the best-known businesses in the world. There are great things about that style of coaching, especially the ‘energy of the crowd’, but due to the sheer number of people (often 100+), some of the learnings end up being diluted and generalised.

Simply put, a smaller number of coaching clients allows JP to go deep with each and every person.

Our one-on-one coaching program is capped at 25 clients. We will never exceed this number. New spots will only become available if a client decides they do not wish to renew.

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I pitch ideas.

My pitching journey began in 1994 when I landed my first job as a media planner at Ammirati Puris Lintas. I spent the next 10 years wearing a suit and pitching creative work to clients for great advertising agencies like BBDO (New York), Kirshenbaum Pond + Partners (New York), and BMF (Sydney).

In 2004, I left my suit behind and took on my first creative gig as the Global Creative Director of Mambo. After Mambo, I worked as Executive Ideas Director at Naked Communications, Chief Creative Officer at AKQA, and I started my own creative agency, Tongue.

Tongue grew to over 50 people and worked with some of the best clients in the world, including Coca-Cola, Audi, and Chanel, before it was acquired by STW (now WPP) in 2016.

Since then, I’ve been running my own consultancy, Delorean, and working with my friends at We Are Unity.

I’ve been a suit, a creative, an entrepreneur, an investor, an author, and a judge on a hit TV show (that’s a story for another time). The thing that links all these diverse roles is pitching.

I bring all this experience and more to Winning The Room, which I'm determined to make one of the best communities on the internet!

1 pitch per day

I pitch roughly once per day, and have done so for the last three decades. That’s a lot of pitching!

$55M in pitch wins

I’ve won $55,000,000+ in competitive pitches and investment pitches.

3 company exits

I’ve successfully sold three companies I either started or invested in.

29 years experience

I've trained over 3,000 executives and worked with 205 unique brands since joining the communications industry in 1994.

Wrote a book

My first book is called Winning The Room (naturally) and is available across the US, UK, Asia, and Australia.

Active investor and adviser

I invest in companies (including Overheard, Fizz, and Salesforce) and advise others (including Sonder, Barrenjoey, and Chanel).
Pitching is a core part of what we do at UBS and we're always looking for new ways to increase our edge over the competition. Jonathan's unique approach is highly insightful, original and practical, delivered in a way that is instantly applicable. His take on storytelling continues to shape how we pitch on a daily basis. We've done lots of training courses over the years but JP and Winning the Room remain a real stand out.
Guy Fowler OAM
Former Chairman, UBS Australia
When you start playing professional sport, we don’t often think about public speaking and what it entails. All I could think of when I read this book was: Not only will this book help me, but it would be of great benefit to my young adult children, too.
Pat Rafter
Former world No. 1 tennis player,
As someone who did not start learning English until age 16, it was a long and arduous journey for me to become comfortable speaking in a public forum. JP has helped me overcome my insecurities and consistently ‘win the room’. This book addresses the art of pitching in a practical, insightful and interesting way. I wish it had been on my beside table much earlier in my career.
Jun Bei Liu
Portfolio Manager, Tribeca Investment Partners
Over many years I have marvelled at JP’s ability to consistently Win the Room, so I am excited that he has finally decided to share his secrets with us! As someone who works with world leading artists, I know the importance of engaging, entertaining and energising an audience. This book will help the rest of us take the stage, demand the limelight and win over the crowd.
Dan Rosen
President, Australasia, Warner Music Group
What a clever guy! This is the 3rd time Jonathan has hosted our annual AHL conference. He really owns the room from the start and his large-scale workshop techniques are amazing. This year he conducted a giant brainstorm session with our entire company of 250 people at once! I’ve been to a lot of conferences over the years and I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. It was a big task but amazingly JP was able to lead the group and spend individual time with almost everyone. What I found most impressive was JP’s ability to bring our creative ideas back to tangible commercial outcomes. Really impressive stuff.
Chris McGlinn
Director of Marketing and Entertainment, EVT
As the guy who managed the numbers, I saw firsthand how the investment we put into Winning The Room paid off quickly. But we weren't just rewarded with the measurable outcomes such as winning business, but the intangible ones too; with a real confidence lift and buzz in the team members who weren't often asked to present in their day-to-day roles. JP created a new baseline across the agency for what it means to present and sell ideas.
Tim Sexton
Operations Director, AKQA
“Bloody great session, albeit 25 years later than I would have liked or needed. Thanks just the same.”
Rob Tanti
Chief People Officer, Opal
“Jonathan empowers his participants to craft compelling narratives that resonate. Moreover, his engaging coaching style makes the learning process both enjoyable and impactful. For anyone looking to elevate their communication game and win over any room, Jonathan Pease's workshop is an investment that will pay off in the long run.”
Leigh Terry
CEO, IPG Mediabrands APAC
I really enjoyed the Winning The Room training and methodology. It helps you shift your perspective from being an expert in an area, to being a room leader and making sure all the participants engage and buy into your projects. JP supported us via a hybrid method of theorical in-class training and coaching for a specific presentation.
Francesca Galibert Proglio
Marketing Manager, Chanel
The course has been incredibly beneficial to me. I have been able to apply the content I learned almost daily, and it has had a significant impact on my personal brand. Your insights and teachings have given me the tools and confidence to take my brand to the next level.
Dave Doyle
Creative Director, Dashing Group
Raw, funny and hugely practical - JP shares insights and secrets from decades of helping an incredible range of people tell their story with confidence and style. Now you can too.
Adam Spencer
Australian comedian, media personality, and prolific author,
I thought the programme and JP were BRILLIANT. Utterly fantastic.
Katie MacKay
Managing Director, Teneo
Tremendous thanks to Jonathan Pease for an outstanding pitch workshop. My Sydney Uni students not only learned key guidelines and tips for developing an effective pitch, but also could see great presenting in action when Jonathan spoke. The pitches to Linkedin were far better due to Jonathan's help.
Donnel Briley
Professor of Marketing, Sydney University
Jonathan is an exceptional talent. His clarity of thought and ability to decipher and translate the essence of our company’s story into a compelling and impactful presentation is world class. Working with Jonathan we were able to present our company in a way that elevated our message above the noise and secure a multi-million dollar investment round in an exceptionally difficult investment market. I have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan and the Winning The Room team if you seek to have impact with your most important stakeholders.
Andrew Maxwell
Chariman, Cyban
Unreal… Your passion and credibility is so authentic - thank you for sharing your expertise.
Ariane Virtue
Partner, Family Friendly Workplaces, Flex We Are
It’s common knowledge that presenting with conviction is important. After doing countless pitches alongside JP, I learnt how presenting with conviction AND warmth is what’s powerful, and leaves the audience liking, trusting and buying into you and your story.
Hugh Munro
Chief Strategy Officer, The Monkeys
When approaching my first pay rise, JP mentored me through the negotiation and helped me develop a business case (my first ever). I was able to go into that negotiation feeling confident and capable, rather than an imposter and undeserving which is the experience of many women of colour. And it worked - I snagged a 25% pay rise in one hit. It’s a framework I’ve passed on to other women, and I still use personally when negotiating. Working with JP taught me the power of active allyship and advocacy. The experience left a lasting impact on my career.
Lauren Chibert
DEI and Partnerships Director, D&AD Shift
I was applying for a new role and as part of that process I had to respond to a brief. This included pitching creative ideas and demonstrating the strategy behind them. JP worked with me by applying his Winning the Room framework directly to my content. He also talked me through builds on how to improve what I already had. With his feedback under my belt, I went into the meeting feeling really confident, and I’m pleased to say, I got the job! Not only does JP provide top quality consulting and mentorship, he genuinely cares and wants everyone to succeed – which makes all the difference. I can’t recommend him and his method highly enough.
Lily Lambert
Client Manager, Essence Mediacomm
Even your best ideas are unlikely to happen until you get others to believe in them, and invest their time and money. In this personal book, Jonathan Pease offers up a brilliant way to plan, prepare and present your ideas to the world.
Matthew Grounds AM
Director, Hearts and Minds Investments
As someone who has never struggled with public speaking, or modesty for that matter, Winning the Room reveals many of the strategies and formulas used by comedians like me, and other confident public speakers. Like in stand-up comedy, win the room and you’ll win the day.
Merrick Watts
Australian comedian and media personality,
Pitching concepts for television is all about Winning the Room and I’ve seen firsthand how Jonathan uses the valuable tools carefully curated in this book to do exactly that. No matter if you’re a seasoned pitcher wanting to hone your skills or you are working towards your very first presentation, Winning the Room is the must read handbook.
Micah Hewson
Head of Development, ITV Studios Australia
Our International Equities business operates in an incredibly competitive environment. When we speak to audiences, we need to immediately win their trust, and ultimately win their investment. From the first time JP told me to ‘just do ‘you’’, I’ve learnt to appreciate his unique insights into storytelling that help make our presentations memorable, authentic and successful, often resonating with our clients for years after. What's more, they have also become enjoyable to deliver!
Nick Griffin
Founding Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Munro Partners
JP worked with the Executive team at Bendigo and Adelaide bank to deliver a bespoke Winning the Room program. The session was practical, engaging and provided tips and strategies that we could adopt immediately. The one-on-one sessions were valuable to offer in the moment feedback relevant for the material we were preparing. His unique approach was refreshing and adaptable across various audiences and channels of delivery
Marnie Baker
CEO, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
The bar is set high for external training. Expectations of the department are that it has to be ‘worth the time’ out of their day given the intensity of client service responsibilities at Australia’s leading agency. JP exceeded our expectations completely. His lived experience through his own advertising career enriched the session with real examples and practical takeaways. His sharp EQ quickly could identify who was lacking confidence and provided gentle encouragement. Since our session, I’ve seen a growth in capability and application of the learnings. The training appealed to all levels of experience and also provided a valued forum to share and grow together.
Belinda Drew
Head of Business Management, The Monkeys
JP’s advice and guidance was instrumental in my Sohn Hearts & Minds conference pitch. He quickly understood the key messages I wanted to convey and helped shape them into an exciting narrative. Thank you JP!
Sharif el Khazen
Founder and CIO, Metronome Capital LLP
At universities, we can't just tell students that pitching skills are important - we have to provide skill development opportunities like Jonathan's workshop.
Donnel Briley
Professor of Marketing, Sydney University

Our shared goals.

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Lift each other up.

The quality of the people you surround yourself with will hugely influence your level of success. Did you know that the founders of Apple, Google, and Oracle were all friends? Even a lot of the entrepreneurs and business leaders you look up to today have their own small groups of peers who push one another and share feedback.

When it comes to pitching, the biggest barrier to break through is rehearsing in front of other people. The more you do this, the better you will become. These are the rare moments when you receive the gift of honest feedback.

This community works together to push each other to grow and improve.

“If  You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone.
If  You Want to Go Far, Go Together.”

- African Proverb

Learn from me.

Hi, JP here, Winning The Room is where I'm investing the majority of my time and attention outside of creating new ideas myself.

I want to help as many people as possible transform their fear of public speaking into fun. And I believe the best way for me to be successful is to ensure that the people I serve get their audience to say YES more often.

But I can't help you get your audience to say YES with a pre-recorded course. It’s also not going to happen by accident or without consistent work from you. Sorry, no 6-minute abs around here!

Winning The Room is a true give-and-get scenario.

Becoming great at pitching requires a lot of skills, rehearsing, and above all – time.

The best way for me to support you on that journey is through an ongoing relationship—a place where we can share learnings for months, if not years.

That means that inside Winning The Room, I'm extremely active in the Rehearsal Room and in direct messages. I also host weekly live sessions, including open Hot Mics and 1:1 private Hot Seats.

I also create and curate the best training resources I can to help you build your skillset.

Winning The Room is where I'm able to personalize my experience and insights to you and your specific situation, and I love it.

And even better – it's a space for us all to learn together in real-time.

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